Randee, Bubble dress with single pocket made with Apricot Ice - middle weight.


"Bubble dress with single pocket made with Apricot Ice - middle weight. "

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Lydiaalt5 years ago

Fabric Store - I hope you do something about Randee spamming and rigging her votes. Clearly you can see this by the comments..."nice".

Laurenalt5 years ago

@lydia, clearly you are a sore looser and need to just take a step back and shut your inappropriate mouth! Randee won and she won fairly! We are all her friends and she shared her link with her Facebook friends! so, congrats RAndee! Your work is beautiful

Brandialt5 years ago

Congrats on winning fair and square Randee. Your work is amazing

Randeealt5 years ago

I can't thank you all enough for your votes and kind words. I am so, so very grateful for all the supportive people in my life and am honored to have competed alongside so many talented designers. Wishing you all the best!

Candicealt5 years ago

Yay!! May the best dress win!! And indeed it did! Your own design was gorgeous and unique!

Dawnalt5 years ago

Nice basic dress and congrats on winning, however, I would have to side with Lauren a bit on this.. A lot of the other entries had much more detail, and work put into them. This is the results of true popularity contest at its best... Oh well.

Colleenalt5 years ago

Congratulations....nice work!

Kathleenalt5 years ago

What a wonderful use of linen...cool and comfortable with simple elegance. Congratulations!

Sharialt5 years ago

Very elegant for such a simple dress. Love it.

Sandialt5 years ago

I absolutely love this. The color is great and so is the style. Great work Randee !!

Lauriealt4 years ago

How do you get the pattern