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This is my Tori-V jumper tunic pattern #0504 available from Kayla Kennington Pattern Collection...


Salem OR

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A tote bag out of linen. Lined in cotton. Fused collage on front. Strap is linen with a trim att...


asheville NC

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Spring Flowers! Bobbin work with embroidery floss creating cheery Hibiscus flowers and a pretty...


Pahoa HI

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12th Century block printed Turkish garb made for our stepping down as Baron and Baroness in our...
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El Paso TX

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A 14th century Gothic Fitted dress and veil hand stamped and painted to match the wearer's Socie...


Newark OH

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A self-patterned Norse era Klappenrock/Kaftan for a member of the Society for Creative Anachroni...


Newark OH

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14th century Bocksten-style tunic made from 4C22 BLEACHED Softened - 100% Linen - Heavy.  Linen...

C brianalt

Graham NC

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Costume Design(Alan Chean Yeong) for the production of Children of Eden produced by Aurora Theat...


Lawrenceville GA

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Costume Design for Children of Eden produced by Aurora Theatre, Lawrenceville Georgia. The photo...


Lawrenceville GA

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We are an international Roman Reenactment Legion, with members primarily in the United States an...


Reisterstown MD

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I love using IL019 natural for my curtains!  I have paired it here with a striped decorator fabr...

Jeanmaire alt

Hagerstown MD

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Viking kit


Austin TX

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ILD Bleached white dress w/ Batic (rouketsuzome)Indigo dye.


Kailua HI

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Earrings,  inspired this simple elegant dress.  Modified pattern that was boring with the hemmed...


Sarasota FL

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Turkish garb made for my Laurel Elevation. The pattern and motif on my coat is based on an extan...


El Paso TX

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Pinch pleated linen drapes with hand sewn seams. They measure 107 inches long and were made usin...
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Greenville MS

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Easy to dress up or down and accessorize red linen dress using Lisette pattern B6169.



Fountain Hills AZ

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This is a reversible surcoat with cherry wood toggles. The surcoat is 100% linen except for the...


Cottonwood AL

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