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12th century Germanic paired tunics for him and a 13th century sideless surcoat with griffin app...


Brandon FL

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Heraldic 14th century heraldic fighting tunic, white gambeson, and matching sideless for Lord Al...

jynette alt

Culpeper VA

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Viking kit


Austin TX

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Block printed Rus inspired garb made for the King and Queen of the Outlands to be worn for Battl...


El Paso TX

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12th Century block printed Turkish garb made for our stepping down as Baron and Baroness in our...
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El Paso TX

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My lord and I, portraying a couple of the late 11th Century, at a Twelfth Night event held at a...
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Jacksonville FL

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I based this dress on an image of a 16th century Ger­man working class woman wearing a dress wit...


Midland TX

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Turkish garb made for my Laurel Elevation. The pattern and motif on my coat is based on an extan...


El Paso TX

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Matching tunics using IL019 Honeysuckle 5.3 oz. linen inspired by 12th Century Turkish dress.  T...
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El Paso TX

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12th century Germanic paired tunics for him and a 13th century sideless surcoat with griffin app...
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Brandon FL

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Ruffled veil of light weight linen in the style of 14-15th century effigies.


Lady Lake FL

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Medieval Tunic and Jagged Skirt made of linen from Fabris-Store.  The blue is Sphinx and Royal P...


Columbia MD

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Fighting Tunic for SCA combat.  Embellished with hand applied bias in a celtic knotwork pattern....


Starkville MS

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16th cen­tury Flem­ish working class gown. Smock, two partlets, kirtle, sleeves, apron, and cap...


Midland TX

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10th Century tunic made for Squiring ceremony. All IL019 linen.  Embroidery done by hand, acanth...


helena MT

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Traditional Chinese royal colors on modern workwear. Koi fish, in a legend, swim upstream in Yel...
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Tel Aviv NONE

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Our heraldic-inspired 14th century cotehardies were made of linen with either appliqued or paint...


Lagrange KY

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Revolutionary War gentleman's frock coat I made of green linen from Fabric Store and men's waist...

Brandon alt

Valparaiso IN

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