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An original, 1950s-inspired design made from soft red linen, comprising two pieces: an all in on...



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Reticella lace motif with extant lace the motif is based on in black and white on the right- lin...
Grand Jury Winner


Pocatello ID

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We ordered 67 yards of Biking Red for folks who wanted to make new outfits.

I made almost 60...


Starkville MS

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I made this Norwegian Viking Tunic for my brother-in-law out of three yards of IL019 in Buckthor...


Stromsburg NE

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My daughter has this thing for reindeer.  So I made her a reindeer inspired outfit, complete wit...


Tallmadge OH

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Ukrainian-style shirt.  He wanted to look like the character


Lancaster KS

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A linen tunic with appliqued and hand embroidered yoke



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Handkerchief Linen (IL020 bleached, softened) Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl). Hand-dyed with fiber...


Seattle WA

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This outfit was designed to portray a 17th Century English colonist living in Maryland.  The dou...


Baltimore MD

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Costume challenge for pre-16th century comic book renditions.  Wonder Woman as a 16th century El...


Philadelphia PA

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This fun and colorful garb was made for Katie Wick, the apprentice to the chandler at the Louisi...


Baton Rouge LA

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IThis is my poodle, Chanel, wearing a very comfortable and sassy “poochie panty” made totally of...
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Chunchula AL

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Carwyn's first Halloween costume was a viking-style linen tunic and pants, with a black linen ha...

G. kathrynalt


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Hand-dyed Shibori with folding techniques as the resist. Colours and prints lift up my spirit. C...


Tel Aviv NONE

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I've made a dress inspired by the picture ‘Peasant Women in the Region Surrounding Venice, Seen...


Austin TX

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A 15th Century French gown in sapphire linen with velvet trim, silk veil, and Sedona linen under...


San Diego CA

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Dinning room finished with 100% white linen fabric.


Charlotte NC

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Center: Inspired by period artwork, my own version of a 16th century German


Spokane Valley WA

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