A simple summer dress made from ILO19 in English Rose. The dress is simple, shaped rectangles se...

Brigid alt

Wilmington OH

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Linen Apron


Wilmette IL

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An 18th century hunting shirt, usually worn by members of county militias or infantry in the Con...


Locust Grove VA

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Natural linen shirt self-drafted pattern. Linen/cotton denim jeans Sewing Workshop pattern


Eureka Springs AR

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a 16th cent. Middle class Tudor outfit in Black wool, with wool and linen cutwork detatchable sl...



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This dress was made using ILOI9 vineyard softened. I love this linen.


Stanford KY

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Baby bag done in denim with pockets, magnetic closure, and cross stitch applique. The cross stit...



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Culottes made from ILO19 in Blue Bonnet, from my self drafted Linden Lady Palazzo pants pattern.

Brigid alt

Wilmington OH

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This is an interpretation of Madonna & Child by Crivelli ~1480. I was blessed to find dolls with...


Pennsauken NJ

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My 12 yr old granddaughter picked out this beautiful white linen embellished with white/navy pom...

Marilyn Lalt

Owensboro KY

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I just love the IL041 fabrics - they drape so beautifully and the colours are stunning


Portland OR

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I'm obsessed with linen. I love the texture, the crispness and simplicity of the fabric. I use i...


Charlotte VT

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Medium Weight White Linen--dyed by me.  Maxi Duster Coat


Santa Fe NM

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An original, 1950s-inspired design made from soft red linen, comprising two pieces: an all in on...



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I have a clothing line - Le Bouton. This is one of the pieces I make. It is called the Broad Shi...


freedom ME

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This is a cosplay of a Mistborn from Brandon Sanderson's novel of the same name. The cloak (IL01...


Silver Spring MD

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This is a red medium weight linen cut into a 34


Russellville KY

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Women's Oversized Linen Minimal Dress


peru VT

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