This was the third shirt I’ve made with the Zina pattern — and the best so far. The color was ir...


Rock Island IL

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100% linen Roman Draped Mini Dress, featuring a folded asymmetrical front seam and hidden triang...


Manns Choice PA

14 Votes

Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews. My gifts to them are always home/hand made.  This fab...


West Paducah KY

2 Votes

16th century Flemish gown in blue linen with black linen contrasting bands, worn with a black li...


Midland TX

15 Votes

Garb for Renaissance Faire -- we decided to be Disney wenches.  My skirt is a gorgeous yellow li...


Culver City CA

5 Votes

Hand embroidered shawl made with IL020. Design is inspired by motifs from pottery from the Cucut...


Kelowna BC

13 Votes

Medieval Bliaut dresses.  Made with IL019: Royal Purple with Sphinx for sleeve lining, and Wild...


Everett WA

16 Votes

Hand-dyed Shibori with folding techniques as the resist. Colours and prints lift up my spirit. C...


Tel Aviv NONE

76 Votes

Started with a short sleeve Viking Tunic made from 4c22 Hunter green linen. Ended up almost maki...


Kansasville WI

4 Votes

100% linen. Reenactment summer cotehardie with hand stitched button holes.



5 Votes

Reproduction of Belle's blue provincial dress from Beauty and the Beast.  Detailed with hand sti...


The Woodlands TX

17 Votes

My favorite day to night dress. The high neck goes well with a cardigan at work -- and the scoop...


Philadelphia PA

4 Votes

Matching tunics using IL019 Honeysuckle 5.3 oz. linen inspired by 12th Century Turkish dress.  T...
Special Merit


El Paso TX

519 Votes

Breathing my style into my new home incorporating an expensive print with your beautiful linen v...



5 Votes

Reupholstered couch with matching tucked pillows.  Used 4C22 Mixed Natural, heavy weight linen....


Seattle WA

4 Votes

Antique buttons and Venetian lace.


Whitleyville TN

1 Votes

Kids raglan top with collar under harem style gathered jumpsuit. Linen scarf. All 100% linen


Lund BC

6 Votes

One of the LPK line of linen jacquards, keeping our newborn within kissing distance.


Hendersonville TN

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