Susi, Groomera and Bridezilla cake toppers are garbed in miniature matching replicas of the actual Bri...


""Groomera" and "Bridezilla" cake toppers are garbed in miniature matching replicas of the actual Bride and Groom: tux coat of black linen and gown is a linen/silk blend dyed by the bride. So much fun! "

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Barbara annalt8 years ago

I love it. Wonderful use of the material. As a doll maker it hits a fuzzy spot in my heart. Who wouldn't want this on their wedding cake.

Stephaniealt8 years ago

These are so cute! I wish I'd thought of something like this when I'd gotten married!

Normalt8 years ago

Love it! Very creative!

Oliviaalt8 years ago

These are so much fun! ❤ them!

G. kathrynalt8 years ago

Too cute!

Lynnalt8 years ago

tee heee. fun.

Amyalt8 years ago

Too bad you couldn't post a pic of the bride & groom along with their reptilian alter-egos! :-)

Pamelaalt8 years ago

This reminds me of Susan Tuma's book "Dinovember" which was created by parents who tried to make it fun for their kids last November, by setting up the Dino toys around messes they made when everyone was sleeping!

Kristinealt8 years ago

Great Idea and something they can keep forever~

Debraalt8 years ago

Very clever!

Tonyalt8 years ago

Creating miniature replicas of actual pieces is so difficult to do. These are beautiful examples of Susi's outstanding work. If she can do this in miniature, just imagine how gorgeous the full-size pieces are!