Lucia, My piece is entitled Culture Flag: Homage to the Aborigines of Australia  This is part of a series...


"My piece is entitled "Culture Flag: Homage to the Aborigines of Australia" This is part of a series of 4 artworks. It is made of 2 colors of medium weight linen hand-embroidered with cotton floss. "

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Juliealt5 years ago

Stitching on linen is so effective!

Lauraalt5 years ago

This series is beautiful and your embroidery is exquisite. Brava!

Petealt5 years ago

The designs are truly inspiring. This is the creativity I look for in handmade designs. Just Wonderful!

Kathleenalt5 years ago

Wonderful! I especially like that snake!

Suzannealt3 years ago

This is incredibly beautiful!